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The perception once built was negative
Now as I see it serves the alternative
All this time passed it was only a descriptive
Color is more than appearance
And more than a description
Color is a life style of strength
Of power in the most rarest form
for a second think out of the norm
we as a people arrived
uneducated , and deprived
fighting surroundings, another race
only to stay face
self taught , humble and full of grace
in darkest hours of day
songs fill weak hearts
seen as less than a man
yet made a stand
told could not seat there
grew tired and remained in that chair
kept as captive
feed homes all over the town
raised as hateful children (whites)
but learned how to love from the driven
a driven soul that knew life couldnt be so
all in all a colored mind holds more thought
a colored mind seeks more than wats taught
Colored is more than physical
its mental ,
ancestors thought to have strength in the rarest form
now its time for us to think outta the norm

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Reblog forever.

#Truth. It’s time to wake up people, hello.

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I’ve lost my inspiration. I’m devastated.

I need to find it again!! I used to dream in color and design. Draw, sketch, paint, sew, design, write & the list goes on and on…… I was inspired by all things beautiful- by sight, by smell, by taste, by good feeling. I need to find my inspiration before I lose my mind. It gives me passion for life, makes me feel a love of everything that I can’t explain, a brighter outlook on my present and future… I can not stop until I find it!

I signed up for a sewing class. I am reorganizing and redesigning my room. I am booking a trip.. or two. I will be applying for my sonography program for the fall. Maybe a new tattoo or two. And more entries on here! …..mid-life crisis much?

 I trust I will find it, I’m sure I will find it.. I must have just set it down somewhere and forgot (typical).








For you and those like you. You will never know how your life being taken ECHOED. NOT forgotten… Never.











RIP Trayvon Martin

gives me chills

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong

I’m gonna reblog this every time I see it because never forget.

What happened what is this? Someone educate me

bruh… it’s footage from when Trayvon Martin went to 7/11 and bought Skittles & an Arizona prior to being murdered by George Zimmerman’s bitch ass.

I was bout to pass it but something told me read the comments and watch..This gave me the chills.^”George Zimmerman’s bitch ass” you could not of said this any better.If you dont know who or what this footage is about.Go to the muthafuckin then go in the fuckin search box and type ‘Trayvon Martin’ and learn some shit!! Its definitely gon be part of history…For Each one,teach one

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

Reblogging again

Always reblog. For all the Black men and boys out there who can’t even be safe in their own neighborhoods.

Makes me sit here and contemplate life as we know it.

I reblog this every time I see it.

This makes me cry literally every time i see it

This could have been my brother. That’s why it hurts, I think.

…why is the skittles bag in the video purple but the bag they kept for evidence red?

It hurts like he was my own family. RIP Trayvon, God nah sleep! Your murderer will get his..

I’m finished with the medical billing and coding program!!! Completed my internship at a cardiologist in the Upper Eastside and received an A!! My finishing GPA is a 3.7 and I am so proud =) Currently looking for a billing job until I sit for the CCS exam (later this year, hopefully) to become a certified coder.

Not to drown my excitement with reality, but I did the medical billing and coding to gain enough credits to get into the sonography program later this year (-__- more school..) and I’m nearly there! I will be taking two online classes starting next week and will apply and sit for the admissions exam as soon as I complete them. The program starts in November and will take me two years to finish, and then I’ll complete my bachelors in medical imaging… so many plans, so much on my plate, but I couldn’t be happier!! This is only the first few steps on my path, I am too excited for whatever the future holds..